The Year I Thought I Was Going To Die

When I learned about the "27 Club," I think I was 25. I learned about "White Lighters" when I was 26. And when I was 27, for entirely selfish reasons, I thought I was going to die. To die at 27 would mean I was at my Peak, that I had "made it," that I was "a Star"! Who cared about the reality of things? A death at 27 would propel me into fame and cement me in history.ย  But the reality was that I was at a very low point in my artistic career and my life....


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This is a painting I did for my brother. It's something I had sketched out almost a year prior to painting it, I think around the time I was first reading about Buddhism. I was sorta fascinated with connected bodies- multiple beings joined together. This image is about disillusionment and finding your true self.

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