“Celestial Bodies” Working Out in Space

Celestial Bodies Trailer #1 Celestial Bodies Full Movie Thanks to connections I made through working on Channel 2020, I got the opportunity to work on another webseries "Celestial Bodies" which premiered during Chicago Artists' Month at exhibitions across the city. I created various props and background pieces, including the miniature planet Leanaris! I had a... Continue Reading →

Shit I’m Gonna Do Better This Year

It's that arbitrary time again where we make half-assed declarations of intended self-improvement. Yeah! I usually jump on the bandwagon, making lists of things I want to learn about and get done... and then usually don't follow through. So this year, I'm gonna skip the formalities of making an actual list, and just strive in... Continue Reading →

Shameless Self-Promotion: Screenwriting Courses

I wanted to share a sort of side project I'm doing, and that is marketing for The Independent Screenwriters. I work for a local Chicago screenwriting company that produces independent films and offers a variety of screenplay writing workshops. I really like this gig because I work with some awesome people and I can set... Continue Reading →

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