Queen of Wands + The Hanged Man: an examination



As I mentioned in my earlier post, this painting combines the imagery from several randomly drawn tarot cards from the Thoth tarot deck to create a new visual representation, or “answer”. In this case it was The Hanged Man, Queen of Wands, and 2 of Disks: Change, among some other cards from various decks to guide the color scheme; the three main cards being the thematic focus. I also borrowed some symbols from Buddhist traditions to accentuate certain things.

Although I want viewers to draw their own conclusions, I do have some of my own thoughts as far as how I interpret the image. When I drew the cards, I simply asked to create a good image, not for an answer to any specific question. But the eternal holographic nature of archetypes allows the image to serve as a message or lesson all the same.

I have strong ties to The Hanged Man card, as my birthday is represented by it.

Edit 9/29: changed title to lead with Queen of Wands, because I thought I might be getting a lot of irrelevant traffic.


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