How I Became a God Because of This Shirt from Larry Carlson’s RageOn Collection

One of my favorite modern psychedelic artists is Larry Carlson. I’ve been a fan of his collage work for well over ten years, and his work has even inspired some of mine.

Larry is famous for his collage work blending traditional paper-cuts with digital techniques, including video and sound. Larry Carlson’s world is immersive and enchanting, his images expanding with fractal details and esoteric occultism. His work is a playground for the senses, exposing luscious natural beauty that is unlocked by the imagination.

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Larry has created a stunning collection of clothes and accessories on RageOn that is as captivating as it is spectacular.

The design that really caught my eye was this one featuring the cover from his Astronomica series:

I wore this shirt to a party, and had a pretty intense experience with it. The image features a man with a pyramid-shaped head, sitting in meditation at the top of the temple steps, with a single all seeing eye in the middle of his face, surrounded by Egyptian figures and strange beasts. I had the experience of being “at the center of it all” observing the world swirling around me, the world being an extension of myself. I perceived myself to be the god Saturn, Chronos, the Lord of Time; I was a fixed point spanning all of time, my skin became the fabric of reality, shifting with the movement I was observing.

I also spooked my friend who gets paranoid about the Illuminati ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get yours from

Larry Carlson has a full line of visionary art and psychedelic clothing on RageOn. Here are a few more of my favorites:

Black Magic Goat Sweatshirt by Larry Carlson
Interstellar Echolocation Zip-Up Hoodie by Larry Carlson
Weed Goat Tshirt by Larry Carlson
Hand of Fate Tshirt by Larry Carlson
Interstellar Echolocation Tshirt by Larry Carlson
Seed Circuits Tshirt by Larry Carlson
Black Magic Goat Tshirt by Larry Carlson
Stella Maris Tshirt by Larry Carlson
Red Devil Carnival Tshirt by Larry Carlson
Strange Ones Sweatshirt by Larry Carlson
Snow Tiger Sweatshirt by Larry Carlson

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