Making Money with Affiliate Links

If you have a blog or social media, you may have wondered how you can use it to make money. One way that many people make their living online is through affiliate referral links. Basically, you recommend products and services to your audience, and when they buy – YOU get a cut of the profits!

This can be a great way to make some extra spending money, but some people have mastered the art of affiliate marketing and are able to travel the world just off the money they make from their social media accounts!

Sound like a good idea? Read on!

(This article contains affiliate links, and if you sign up after clicking on them, I get a cut of the sale)

Right now you can make money selling my products on and

How to get started being a RageOn Affiliate with Super Likes

How to get started being a Society6 Curator

Once you’ve got your account set up, you can browse my shop ( & for items that really jump out and scream “BUY ME”! Then, SHARE the item on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever else you have people’s eyes on you by copying your referral link for the item you want to share (or simply add your code at the end: ?curator=UserName on Society6, and ?aff=YourCode on RageOn). Be careful! RageOn includes your affiliate code in the social media share links, but Society6 gives you a curator url to copy, as shown here: curator-how-it-works_1501446099811

Some good places to share include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and your blog (like Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogger). All these services allow you to add images and links to your posts. Instagram is not a good option unless you have a business profile or only want to promote one item; standard accounts cannot put clickable links in their posts, and can only have one link in their profile.

Make sure to add an image of the product! This works especially well if you have an image of YOU wearing or holding the item, as your testimony is a valuable selling point, but you can also use the stock images from my shops. Write a short blurb about why you love the item, and you’re all set to earn your percent commission!

Check out this post I made about a shirt I bought from Larry Carlson’s RageOn shop for an example of how to create an engaging affiliate post!

Although I style my brand as products for the “EDM Lifestyle,” my designs are versatile, and can be targeted to many different markets. You may choose to focus on categories, such as tech accessories like cases for phones and laptops, tote bags and backpacks, beachwear, home decor, streetwear, art prints, or specific designs that would resonate with your audience.

You should also check out the sites that you love to shop on, and see whether they have an affiliate program. You can usually find this link at the bottom of the site page, or in your account settings (some sites really hide it!). Genuinely recommending the brands you already know, love, and trust will get you the best results.

Check out my Pinterest to see a selection of my products organized by theme and design.

Need to promote your business? Try business cards or flyers from! Their standard paper stock is very high quality, and they offer a number of standard features that are great for artists and small business owners, such as double sided printing and the ability to have a different back image on each card. They also offer some fancy high tech business cards that are really next levelYou can get 20% off your first order with Moo by using my referral link. See how easy that was? Now help your audience the same way!

Some handy links:

10000unicorns on RageOn

10000unicorns on Society6

Pinterest profile of 10000unicorns


Are you a designer, or have your own brand/company and want to sell merch? Get set up with Printful and sell hundreds of unique products through Shopify, Etsy, BigCartel, Amazon, and more. Earn commissions when someone creates a custom product through their site, or when someone sets up a shop and starts making sales! Read my review comparing Printful to other Print-on-Demand services.

Ready to kick your referral game up a notch?

Check out this follow-up post I wrote “The Power of Referrals” and learn how to target your suggestions to people most likely to make a purchase, how to find an affiliate program that’s right for you, and how to create engaging content.


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