LAUNCH: EDM Lifestyle // Clothes and Accessories

To compliment my collection of Festival-ready masks, with the help of Society6 I have created a line of Clothes and Accessories designed for Party Monsters and Festival-goers! My products feature deep textures and intriguing designs to keep your brain stimulated and keep everyone asking “What are You Wearing?


Society6 has you covered on all the festival essentials, and my designs are here to level up your experience! Just what kind of essentials do they offer? They have shirts and leggings to adorn your beautiful body, pillows and blankets to cushion your rear end from less-than-comfortable seats, all sorts of holders, cases, and cups for your favorite stuff, and wall art to vivify your surroundings.

Click here to get $10 off your first order when you sign up with your email.

I started creating this product line with my own art and illustrations, and have continued on my path to creating a full line of products for an EDM Lifestyle brand. I’ve focused on using artwork of mine that is abstract, vibrant, and exciting to keep in line with the vibe of the lifestyle. It excites me that I am able to create a cohesive brand from my artwork, and I am looking forward to seeing what works and producing more art in that same vein.

This brand is still a baby- but it is my baby! I know I’m gonna love helping it grow, and seeing where it takes me!

See everything I have available on and peep my personally curated EDM Lifestyle Collection to see my personal recommendations!

Don’t forget about my masks on Etsy! That’s what started this whole endeavor!


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