Faux Real

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This is one design I created specifically for tee shirts and festival gear. It’s a continuation of my abstract-deconstructive text series. I developed a style that combines abstraction and neocubism, to create illusory forms within forms, which creates a fascination for the viewer.

As the art world changes, opportunities shift. Artists have always needed a community, and the potential reach of the individual has increased exponentially. We live in a virtual, cybernetically enhanced world a good majority of the time, an alternate reality that makes increasing demands of our time and attention. You are there right now.

We can connect through shared experiences, and many of us crave to share those experiences with as many people as possible. We want to ask questions as loudly as possible, so those with the answers (or similar questions) will hear us. We want to bring about change in the world according to our will. We proudly (or covertly) display our beliefs on the temple of our bodies.

One of my goals is to create a line of products that is not only interesting to look at over and over again, but that expresses some truth, be it spiritual or personal. I want to create things that foster connections not only to the object, but between people, and to something transcendent.

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