Custom Tarot Paintings 









A new perspective on Tarot Readings, these images speak for themselves! Get yours here!

The process is similar to a traditional tarot reading: a number of cards are drawn, and a story is told. Relationships are established, and themes are illuminated. A statement is made in response to a question.

Another way to “read” the cards is to make a new image. The image serves as the answer to the question posed as the cards are shuffled and/or drawn. It can then be seen as a whole and contemplated, and kept as a record.

All of the images in this posts were created by simply asking for a good-looking image. The painting at the top utilized cards from three decks: ThothElemental Tarot, and Elemental Hexagons. The two black and white drawings each used one deck: Thoth, and Elemental Tarot. At times, I use imagery not expressed in the cards themselves, but which comes from other sources of symbolic iconography, that I feel is expressed by the story the cards are telling.

This method could be ideal for looking into the future, and tracking trends. It could be used as a waypoint for seeking, or as a way to commemorate an event. I think a painting would work especially well as a protection symbol or good luck charm!

Get yours on my etsy shop.

And check out my write-up on my most recent Tarot image!


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