Gifting in 2016

Follow me on Instagram @TenthousandUnicorns Over the past few years my immediate family has spread itself across the country: originally we all lived in central Illinois, and I moved to Chicago for school (and stayed), my parents moved to Florida to retire, and my brother has moved around the state a few times for work... Continue Reading →


Wakey Wakey Eggs N Bakey!

Now on my Society6 Shop: Wake up ready to Face the day with Eggs & Bacon! Get everything you need to distract yourself constantly during important tasks. Engrossing illustration will pull you in as you get ready for today or recover from last night. Smooth curves intersect and dissolve into eachother in a trippy take on... Continue Reading →

3D Map Paintings and Lamentations on Glitter

Check out this item in my Etsy shop Check out this item in my Etsy Shop I always enjoyed making these paintings. Unfortunately they were stored with my "Galaxy" paintings when I moved this year and so a lot of them got glitter all over them. I suppose using glitter in my artwork is one... Continue Reading →

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