Slave Labor: “Channel 2020”

So thanks to the gods of creative opportunity I’ve landed in a nice bit of work. The big thing that I’ve been working on a lot lately is the webseries “Channel 2020” about a dystopian Illuminati-controlled TV station. I’ve been creating props and set pieces, as part of a team of creative geniuses. Here’s a list of stuff I’ve worked on (links added as they become available):

[Update 5/17/13: We’re filming the first episode this weekend!]

[Update 9/3/13: Filming complete, in post production now. EIT has moved to L.A! Congrats Aaron!]

[Update 5/3/17: Teaser Trailer out now! Great job guys!]

>> CHECK OUT this promo video for the series & space we were working in, and witness me playing with the puppets unsupervised ;] <<

>> CHECK OUT the teaser trailer, and get a feel for life in the near dystopian future! <<

  • painted Security Cameras
  • fabricated TV Station Cameras
  • assembled Infinity Room Floor (pictured above)
  • cut and assembled tiers for Monitor of Solomon
  • painted and assembled control panel for Control Room Monitor
  • fabricated control panels and details for Weather Dominator (pictured on right at Channel 2020 Expo)
  • painted rust on roofs of Favela Town
  • painted wood and created stovetop for Catfish Stu’s Cooking Station
  • created union patches and headlamps for Miner Helmets
  • created chemical labels for bottles for Mystic Seer Station
  • painted Miner Pickaxe
  • made rope Slave Harnesses
  • painted Slave Yoke
  • created labels for Snack Packs and Snack Tubes
  • painted armor and applied fake blood to Gladiator
  • painted mask for RepNO Resistance
  • painted DOOMBA
  • Created Illuminati Mind Control Helmets
  • possibly other small tasks I’ve forgotten about

I’ll try to keep this list updated as more stuff gets done.

I also got a couple freelance gigs involving making a bear head and painting an album cover, both just recently so I’ll post updates on those once they’re completed. I’m starting to look for work as a prop maker, and pursuing that as a career path. It’s taken me a while to figure out what a “job” looks like to me – I’ve been trying to stay away from graphic design. The work I’m finding is interesting and varied and gratefully not tied to the computer.

Just for fun, because I’m interested, I’ve been watching an iTunes U course on Human Behavioral Biology at Stanford University. I’m absolutely in love with iTunes U for providing free courses on a wide array of fascinating subjects. This anecdote is a little more personal than what I usually put on this blog, but OMG I’m just so excited about neuroscience.


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