“Louis’s Dream” – Winter Wonderland

Baby, it’s cold outside… but it’s not snowing here in Chicago. At least not this year. Last year was pretty mild too. Not the year I took this photo, That year we had a blizzard that shut the city down for three days! I always said if snow was warm I’d like it a lot more.

My loved ones are mostly Christmas people, so that’s what I’m celebrating down here. I still have gifts to wrap, and over 5 hours of travel by public transit and car. Joy!

I suppose this particular picture has no more relevance to Christmas than the snow (and the red of Louis’s hair vs. the green of the sky?), but it was the best I had. This was actually a shot I took specifically for this composition, during shooting of a different assignment. The inspiration came from another photo (taken by a friend) on the lakefront that I flipped and inverted the colors. I liked the idea so much that I wanted to do it again with my own photography so I could set it up more according to my own vision.

I wanted to convey the feeling of flying over the clouds, over limitless space. It was very cold that day, but not windy. It had snowed a few days before, and everything was half melted. The lake was covered in broken up pieces of ice that looked like cracked and dry skin. The discolored clouds that were once grey give an eerie, almost nauseating tone to the image. I made Louis lie on wet concrete.

His suffering paid off. This photo got accepted into the Deus Ex Machina exhibition at Columbia college in ’11, and it got printed in large format 3’x5′ free of cost to me, so it looked quite impressive hanging in the gallery. This other photo of mine, “Red River” also got accepted and printed 3’x2′.


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