This is a throwback from ’09 (gosh, it seems so long ago, but only 3 1/2 years?), when I was still taking graphic design classes. I’m not sure why, because I had switched to Art a while before I graduated that spring. It’s funny, because I think I did my best work in community college after I’d graduated… but that’s a different story.

Regardless, I did some pretty nice work in this class (such as this business card, and this movie poster). Thom was a great teacher, he got me into the Renaissance (as my art history professor) and told me not to get a big ego. He encouraged his students to think outside the box, create visually appealing work, and gave them extra opportunities to grow. One time, he gave us an assignment as punishment for doing lousy work, and it resulted in something really awesome.

This assignment was simple: create a composition using an animal, a skyline, and graphical elements. I forget my exact thought process since it was so long ago, but I wanted to convey a sense of sadness over corruption of something sacred. The sphinx is sad because she misses her homeland. The thoughts behind my art have improved a lot since then.

I think my favorite part of this is the sphinx’s face. The woman is Melissa Theuriau and I thought she was a model til now (she’s a French news anchor). She was smiling in the source image, and you can still sorta tell by her cheeks. This is one of the things I liked about photoshop, the different ways in which you could manipulate images. I don’t even post crappy webcam pics on Facebook without first taking them into Photoshop for a lil touch-up. But sometimes it’s necessary to do a full-scale emotional makeover.

I hardly ever make digital art any more. I think graphic design scared me away from it. I felt like I was progressing at such small increments that I was hardly learning. I’d had four years of experience with Photoshop by the time I entered college in ’07. Now I’ve got more than nine years, though I hardly use it beyond basic color-correction and cropping. I really oughta get back into photo manipulation, but I need to build a collection of stock images. Just another thing to add to my projects.


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