Mama’s Lil Punk (Born This Way) – After Leo da Vinci

Good ol' Leonardo lived in the little Italian village of Vinci. That's why well-read artists never refer to him as "da Vinci", because it's like saying "from Vinci painted the Mona Lisa". Leo was the most famous "renaissance man", and to earn that title he had to study all sorts of cutting-edge stuff like human... Continue Reading →


Greetings Telefriends!

Today I wanted to share with you what I've been up to lately. I've got a part time retail job, but I've also been picking up various projects:Just got a Marketing job for The Independent Screenwriters online screenwriting classes and I'm really excited for it! The classes are taught by local Chicago screenwriters, you get one-on-one... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving! – “Mary Devouring Her Son”

I hope this post finds you with friends and family, preparing or consuming some sort of food. After all, that's what Thanksgiving's about, eh? Let's not forget about the animals and people who have sacrificed their lives so we can celebrate! Mmmmm tastes like bread and wine. Human flesh you say? No, seems perfectly edible to me,... Continue Reading →


This is a painting I did for my brother. It's something I had sketched out almost a year prior to painting it, I think around the time I was first reading about Buddhism. I was sorta fascinated with connected bodies- multiple beings joined together. This image is about disillusionment and finding your true self.

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